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Costco Iwilei Complex (HI)

10" New York's Finest


Our best seller! Italian sausage, ham, bacon, pepperoni, ground beef, black olives, fresh button mushrooms, onions, and bell peppers

10" Choice of Pizza Crust (HI):Original Crust Thin Crust 10" Gluten Free Crust +$3.50
Additional Toppings 10" (HI):Extra Cheese +$1.50Alfalfa Sprouts +$1.50Anchovy +$2Arugula +$1.50Bacon +$2Basil +$1.50Chicken Filet +$2Black Olives +$1.50Button Mushrooms +$1.50Capers +$1.50Cilantro +$1.50Green Bell Peppers +$1.50Ground Beef +$2Ham +$2Italian Sausage +$2Jalapeno +$1.50Pepperoni +$2Pineapple +$1.50Red Bell Peppers +$1.50Red Onion +$1.50Roasted Garlic +$2Salami +$2Shrimp +$3Spinach +$1.50Tomato +$1.50White Onion +$1.50
🇨🇭Salad or Soup Addition🇨🇭:Side Tossed Salad +$4.50Clam Chowder +$4.50Corn Chowder +$4.50Tomato Bisque +$4.50
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