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Costco Iwilei Complex (HI)

10" Jalapeno & Pepperoni Craft Pizza


Jalapeno and pepperoni.

Toppings Jalapeno & Pepperoni (HI):Pepperoni Left Only Pepperoni Right Only Jalapeno Left Only Jalapeno Right Only
Additional Toppings 10" (HI):Extra Cheese +$1.50Alfalfa Sprouts +$1.50Anchovy +$2Arugula +$1.50Bacon +$2Basil +$1.50Chicken Filet +$2Black Olives +$1.50Button Mushrooms +$1.50Capers +$1.50Cilantro +$1.50Green Bell Peppers +$1.50Ground Beef +$2Ham +$2Italian Sausage +$2Jalapeno +$1.50Pepperoni +$2Pineapple +$1.50Red Bell Peppers +$1.50Red Onion +$1.50Roasted Garlic +$2Salami +$2Shrimp +$3Spinach +$1.50Tomato +$1.50White Onion +$1.50
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